The Bride's Wedding Preparations

It is every woman’s dream to have the best wedding ceremony one can ever imagine. It is one of the most important events and milestones in a woman’s life and wishing for a perfect wedding is normal. Perfection is subjective and relative and depending on a woman’s ideals, she can make her dream come true by making sure that she can accomplish the usual preparations a bride has to do for the big day.

Preparing and planning for a wedding requires a long time. A day before the wedding day, you, as the bride should have delegated every single task that needs to be done to family and friends helping out with the preparations, or in some cases, the wedding planner should have made all the necessary arrangements. By this time, the only remaining details are just the personal preparations you should do before the big day. This includes:

A Day Before the Wedding

  • Prepare final make up by doing a test run. If a makeup artist is doing your makeup, this should have been done few days earlier. The same applies for the hair stylist.
  • Organize everything you will require on the wedding day – shoes, stockings, veil, purse, hanky, etc. Place everything in a convenient location where they can be easily accessed on the wedding day.
  • Prepare something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. This is a wedding tradition observed and followed by some.
  • Confirm the appointment time of the makeup artist and hair stylist.
  • Prepare outfit for changing after the wedding including shoes, bags, etc.
  • Make one final check on all members of the wedding entourage to make sure everything is good to go for the wedding.  
  • Prepare what you will have as a good healthy breakfast on the wedding day. Too often, this is ignored or overlooked.

On the Wedding Day

  • Avoid wearing tight clothing that could leave line markings on your skin which can show up when you put on the wedding gown. Wear a shirt that zips or buttons up the front so there’s no need to pull clothing over your head to prevent the styled hair from being messed up.  Wear stockings before your hair and makeup are done.
  • Hair and Makeup. This should be done before wearing the wedding gown and veil. If a professional makeup artist and hairstylist will do your makeup and hairstyle, keep a mirror handy to check the progress of the makeup being applied and the hair being styled. You and the makeup artist and the hairstylist should have agreed on the desired look for the wedding day.
  • Wearing the Wedding Gown. Slip into your wedding gown after your hair and makeup are completely finished. Make sure to reapply lipstick or powder after dressing up, making sure the powder does not fall onto the gown’s skirt portion.
  • Bring along an emergency kit and give it to your maid of honor or bridesmaid to take to the church. The emergency kit should contain thread, scissors, needle, nail glue, hair spray, makeup for touch up, nail file, masking tape, spare earring backs, tweezers, cotton swabs for makeup blending, hair clips for the hair, hand cream, etc.   


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