10 Most Watched Wedding Movies of All Time

Hollywood movies, whenever possible insert a wedding scene especially if the stars are played up as real-life items. But then again, there are Hollywood movies that focus on wedding stories and anything close to it. Some of the ten most watched wedding movies include:

1.     Father of the Bride. 

     This is the 1991 remake of the 1950s classic movie with Steve Martin playing the father’s role who finds it hard to let go of his little girl played by Kimberly Williams. It’s an endearing movie approached in comedy which also showcased the nitty-gritty details of planning a wedding. But thanks to the help of the flamboyant Wedding Planner played by Martin Short, wedding preparations went well with the modern, elaborate wedding everybody wanted.

2.     My Best Friend's Wedding. 

     This 1997 hit movie starring Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz and Dermot Mulroney proved to be one wedding that comes close to the hearts of numerous friends in similar situation. In the movie, a college pact made by Julianne Potter played by Julia Roberts and Michael O’Neil played by Dermot Mulroney that if they remain single by the time they turn 28 years old, they will marry each other. Before her 28th birthday, Julianne received a call from Michael announcing his engagement to Kimberly Wallace played by Cameron Diaz. The movie is best remembered for Julianne’s scheming up ways to keep the wedding from happening.   

3.     My Big, Fat Greek Wedding. 

     This movie focused on a Greek- American culture, highlighting a Greek family who viewed a daughter played by Nia Vardalos, to be a failure being single at 30. They worry that Toula (Nia Vardalos) will never find a Greek man to settle down with. Everything changes when Toula met shy American Ian Miller played by John Corbett, and the scenes that followed show how the Greek family interfered with every detail of the wedding to make it a Greek ethnic heritage.

4.     The Wedding Singer

     Considered one of the best nostalgia movies dedicated to the 80s, this 1998 movie stars Adam Sandler who plays Robbie Hart – a wedding singer, and Drew Barrymore who plays Julia – a waitress. The two met at one of Robbie’s gigs where after numerous funny events discovered that they were in love with each other even if they were engaged to the wrong people. The movie was set in 1985 so there’s a lot of acid wash jeans, big hair and Day-Glo sweatshirts.

5.     Bride Wars. 

    This 2009 comedy stars Anne Hathaway playing Emma Allen, and Kate Hudson playing Liv Lerner and it’s a movie perfect for a girl’s night with the bridesmaids. The two girls were childhood best friends, both dreaming of a wedding at the glamorous New York City Plaza Hotel. Everything went on as planned except when the Plaza has double-booked their weddings on the same day. None of the girls wanted to change the wedding date so it went on to be an ugly battle of the brides. In the end, they realized their friendship is more important than anything else.

6.   The Wedding Date

    This 2005 movie gives an inside look at family dynamics during an extended wedding weekend. Debra Messing pretends a male escort is her loving boyfriend in an attempt to make her ex-fiance jealous. The scenic al fresco dinners and lovely English lanes added to the movie’s marrying mood.  

7.   Wedding Crashers. 

    This movie’s fictional account of wedding crashing makes this movie highly recommended. The movie released in 2005 stars Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn as the dedicated womanizers who sneak into weddings and make it as their almost adorable pastime.

8.     Runaway Bride. 

     This is a movie that says, it’s not always the groom that gets cold feet. Julia Roberts leaves at least four men standing at the altar in this movie. And the worst is having second thoughts and cold feet at the very last minute, literally showing a bride running away from her own wedding.

9.     27 Dresses. 

    This movie tells of the story of Jane who always ends up as a bridesmaid having worn 27 dresses as such. The dilemma happens when her little sister marries her longtime secret love. In the end she learned that when she stops worrying about everyone else’s marital bliss she just might find her own.

10.  The Wedding Planner. 

   This Jennifer Lopez movie wants everyone to understand how hectic or insane wedding preparations can be for a wedding planner. But it also brought to light how even the biggest weddings can run smoothly if planned properly. Only, in this movie, with JLo as the wedding planner, it will be a crazy idea to introduce her to the groom.


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