Wedding Preparations

There’s no bride in the world that doesn’t dream of a perfect wedding day. However, preparations for a wedding do require a lot of planning and time. Some of the basic preparations that would be husband and wife tandem needs to take care of include:

  • Wedding Venue and Wedding Reception. Making reservations for the wedding ceremony and wedding reception venue usually require months before the actual wedding date, so it’s important that this task is on top of the list.
  • Wedding Invitations. Weddings are planned way earlier than the target date. This is due to the many preparations involved such as preparing and printing the wedding invitations. Before this is done, the bride and groom should have completed a list of who will be part of the entourage and the wedding sponsors. Wedding church or venue for the rites, the date of the wedding, and the venue for the reception should all have been finalized before the invitation gets to the printing press.
  • Guest List. Preparing this list could take some time because of many factors, but mainly focused on budget constraints. Bride and groom have to agree on who will be included in the list.
  • Wedding Attire. Both the bride and groom should visit formal wear specialist to select and decide on the wedding attire for the bride and groom and in some cases, even the entourage.
  • Wedding Ring Selection. The groom should take his bride to a jeweler to select their wedding ring.
  • Application for Marriage License. This is also one of those tasks that need to be done earlier than usual. You don’t want to postpone your wedding day because you were not able to secure the marriage license before the wedding date.
  • Plan the Honeymoon. This should also be done much earlier than the scheduled wedding date to make sure that the honeymoon package includes every little details newlyweds require.
  • Flowers for the wedding. This should be the bride’s responsibility although the groom can also have a say on the matter. Make sure that flowers and floral arrangements are properly ordered and delivered promptly a day before or on the day of the wedding.
  • Food tasting for the wedding reception. Both bride and groom need to agree what should be on the menu for the wedding reception. After selecting the food, bride and groom should taste and sample the food before finalizing the food catering order.
  • Bridal car. The groom should make sure that there is a car available to be used by the bride for the wedding. A car rental arrangement should be done early as well.
  • Wedding Video Footage and Wedding Photo Album. This should be arranged early so the video and photographer can schedule photo and video shoots necessary for the wedding album.

While it is important to be realistic about your expectations of the weddings, you can take a step up to make sure that all the details are taken care of. Setting realistic wants and desires for the wedding is very important in ensuring that the wedding day goes as smoothly as possible, and a day that both the groom and the bride will treasure for the rest of their lives.

Planning for a wedding can be very stressful. If the bride and groom have little or no patience for long and detailed wedding preparations, they should consider hiring a wedding planner. This is called for if you want to have a hassle-free and highly organized wedding celebration and reception. Although this can be an extra cost in the wedding budget, this will make sure that every little detail is taken care of without the bride or the groom becoming unnecessarily stressed out. A professional wedding planner is the best bet for any bride and groom who want their wedding day to proceed without a hitch. 


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