The Groom’s Wedding Preparation

Planning and preparations for a wedding can really be a tedious and exhausting task, especially for the bride and groom, who aside from taking care of all the nitty gritty details of the wedding entourage, venue, church, wedding date, etc., also have to take care of some personal responsibilities for the Big Day, which include preparing his team for a smooth and fault-free, successful wedding day.

Some usual preparations taken care of by the groom himself include:

Wedding Day Transportation

It does not matter if it’s a stretch limo or a family-owned car, the groom has to arrange and pay for the wedding transportation that will pick up the bride and her entourage and family. While this should be arranged months before the wedding, a final check before the wedding day will ensure that everything will proceed as agreed upon

Marriage License. 

This should be passed on to the groom’s best man to bring to the wedding venue on the wedding day for signature of all the parties involved

Officiating Clergy

Make a last minute check on the clergy who will officiate the wedding ceremony. Assign the best man or any member of the family to take care of giving the clergy’s fee before the wedding ceremony

Writing or Selecting Vows

If you are writing your own vow, make sure your best man has a copy which he can easily pass to you if you need it

The Wedding Band. 

Make sure that the wedding band for you and your bride are brought to the church or the wedding venue for the ceremony

Groom’s Wedding Attire. 

Make sure that the tuxedo or suit is without any problem for the wedding day. If necessary, assign someone to take care of your changing clothes for the wedding reception

Wedding Reception Preparations. 

This can be a joint task with the bride. Make the last minute check to make sure that the reception will not have any problem in terms of food, drinks, program paraphernalia, etc

Honeymoon Reservations. 

This is the groom’s turf. Make sure that you have the plane tickets (if any) or the reservation details, traveler’s check, luggage for you and your bride if going directly to the honeymoon place right after the wedding reception. If driving, make sure that the car is properly checked and that it carries everything you and your wife need for the land trip. If going overseas, hotel reservations and honeymoon package details should be ready.

Wedding is not only the bride’s big day, it is also the groom’s dream coming true. Making sure that everything planned runs smoothly on the big day would make this momentous event even sweeter for both the bride and the groom.


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